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Everything you need to know for TOUR de SUNNYSLOPE 2023!

                     Open to all ages!

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Our Phoenix Police Bike Squad will be heading up a bike ride for all ages on a
predesignated route through Sunnyslope.


The ride will be escorted by our Bike & Street Officers....meaning lots of Patrol Cars with flashing lights for the kids to see and follow.

​       WHEN: April 1, 2023 in conjunction with 'Slope Fest 2023

       WHERE:  Meet at Palma Park, (12th Street & Dunlap)

       TIME: Registration is a must and starts at 7:45AM.  The ride starts promptly at 8:30AM.                                                  

                       Dress appropriately.....helmets and closed toe shoes, please.

Registration form: Click HERE

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Tour de SS start.jpg
Tour de Sunnyslope_crop.JPG

See map, or to view, click PDF below.

TY Master Map Maker,
Gerre Heron

Slope Fest-Bike Tour MAP-2023.png
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