Christown Spectrum Mall Tent.jpg
Fallen Feathers.jpg

Christown Spectrum Mall
had a new bike raffle

Fallen Feathers came and shared some of their permanent members.

McTeggart School of Irish Dance

gave demos

Bounce houses (2).jpg
Irish Dancer Demo.jpg
Ghost Busters Visit.jpg

Bounce Houses, Games, and More!

Quran Dance School.jpg

Who ya gonna call?

Ghost Busters!

Take a tour of 'Slope Fest 2019!

Long Live Quran Dance Crew

performed too!

Fire Truck (2).jpg
Color Guard SSHS (2).jpg

Everyone loves the Fire Dept. and their trucks.

Sunnyslope High School ROTC Color Guard!

Tour de Sunnyslope.JPG

Phoenix Police giving out information and free Popsicles.

vender row (3).JPG

Getting info and playing games with the venders.

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